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Account Settings Coming Soon

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I know, I know. It’s been a while. But to push Gemini further into a usable state, these settings should probably exist. To start out with, two settings will be added. 


1. Auto-Complete Voting

- The username you choose (while signed into your account) will be automatically inserted into the voting box. Allowing you to quickly vote for servers you choose in the future. 

2. Enable/Disable Gemini Emails

—Likely the most important setting, enabling or disableing non-important emails from us. While it’s unlikely that we will send you emails much at all, we intend to implement features in the future that will notify you if our servers cannot communicate with yours. Or if someone were to send you a message or comment on your server. 

Those kinds of emails are deemed unimportant. Emails in which state our policy changes if and when they were to be changed, email that includes password changing confirmations, and similar are deemed “necessary” for legal and security reasons.


We will always do our very best to try to not spam you. We cannot, however, guarantee that all of our systems will act perfectly at any time. Please bare with us in these cases. 


We appreciate your usership and hope you enjoy what we’re doing too.




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