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Don't like Ads? I don't blame you! Consider supporting us directly.

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I'm well aware that Ads are annoying. Especially when they are all over the place and block content. That is why I have made it a priority for our ads to never be invasive.

However I acknowledge that is not always good enough. That is why we provide the ability for our users to hide ads entirely. This has always been an option since we added our Ads.

The result of both Ad blockers and hiding ads does have an effect on us directly though. More extremely than one might think. Let's put it this way, we have 1000 registered. Yet we have not even made a dollar off of ads in the time they have existed. 

That is why, today, I have added a QR code image that if scanned or clicked will bring you to a PayPal page that you can support us directly with.  


To view the QR code you can click on the text to reveal it. If you have Ads enabled, first of all, thank you. Second, you should see text that reads: "If you decide to hide ads, Consider supporting me directly. :-)" or if not, "If not, Consider supporting me directly. :-)"

For those of you reading this you will also see the image below.


If you do decide to support us directly, you can contact me on here or on discord and I will provide you with the Donator role on discord. (Maybe we'll add a badge here on the site at some point to signify your contribution as well.

If not, thank you for even taking the time to read this. 



iAmAlbert 12/17/2020 04:09pm


Administrator Codewow 11/21/2020 09:47pm


Hide Ads
Why am I seeing ads?
If you decide to hide ads, Consider supporting me directly. :-)

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