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Host migration soon!

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Why we're migrating:

In the very near future, Gemini Servers will be migrating to a new host to better serve our users. This is a necessary change due to our current hosting providers' service features being reduced without warning. 

What this means for you:

what this means is we will be able to bring you even more functionality. Including the addition of bedrock edition servers.

How this affects service:

Our migration may mean slight downtime. But we will do everything in our power to minimize it. You may notice, when the migration happens, that the website "can't be reached". If this is the case you can do two things. 

1. Press f5 to refresh the page and refresh the cache on your web browser. (For mobile you will need to clear the cache manually.) 

2. Wait a few minutes to a few hours for the domain to properly transfer to the new web server.

If you cannot connect following the migration, contact us on social media. (Our email will also be down during migration.)


Thanks for using Gemini Servers, we hope to provide even better services going forward!




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