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Long Overdue: Disabling servers!

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You can finally disable your server outright! Doing so removes it's listing AND the server page. You will be redirected to an error page if you come across a disbaled server. 
This feature was a bit long in the tooth, but it's finally here and the even better news is I have a nice feature for server owners in the works! I just need to pretty it up a bit and I can release it into a beta test!
More changes, tweaks, and optimizations coming.


I felt bad that I hadn't completed the site before moving to other projects.So I'm trying to "finish" this one so I can focus on other projects a bit more without feeling bad. 
That doesn't mean I am done for good! That just means that when I have an idea on something to add, I will come back and do so.
The important part is that there are a few other work-in-progress features that aren't even live yet that will be added too!

Alright time to get back to work,



Wow those spelling mistakes... I’ll fix them when I get home.


Alright so it looks like the feature had some issues with voting, so it's currently disabled. Working on the fix now.


Alright, it's all fixed! That didn't take long. I was just going about it in a silly manner.

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