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New Application Process

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In the next few weeks I am hoping to launch a new feature for Gemini that will allow server owners and players to semi-automate the process of gaining access to servers. 

The current application system is a 0.01 version with plenty of room to grow. Server owners will have an updated dashboard for new applicants. Once this newer version of the dashboard and application is released, I will take feedback from server owners on how they would like to customize the process. 

But why wait until then? If you have an opinion on how you would like to see the application process change or be customizable, please let us know!

The current application form is what will remain in the initial updated release. The server dashboard is the main focus as the ability to send commands to your server will be implemented. The first step is for whitelist/greylist servers to allow players access. From there we will expand to more niche abilities based on server needs including application form customization.


As always, we take feedback on every aspect of our service! So let us know how you feel!



Gemini Servers Administrator


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