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Pocket Edition Servers coming soon!

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Today I decided to try to implement an important part of the Minecraft community into Gemini. While it's still a work in progress. I can happily say that it should be ready for testing soon. I want to do some internal testing exclusively before anything major. Just to make sure things aren't completely broken for all of you.

This being said, when this update releases, I want to make sure everyone knows that it's going to be a public beta. If things don't work, they'll be fixed. Just don't expect them to be 100% functional.


P.S. You're going to see some new things (if you're a returning user) that are part of this new addition. Just the bits and bobs though. 

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We're having some server issues at the moment as well. I'm looking into it, but don't think I'll be able to fix it tonight.


The PE submission feature is currently broken and can’t parse Pocket Edition Servers. I’ll work on it today.