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Server Image Reordering

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I spent a little bit of time today working on image reordering. It should be fully functional and ready to go.

Please let me know if any issues pop up by utilizing the live chat button in the bottom right of your screen and submitting a contact request or by contacting us via any of our other channels. We appreciate bug reports as much as we appreciate suggestions and ideas! Stop by the discord and chat with us any time!

Among other things, the entire comment backend got a big and much-needed optimization pass. Bringing all comment systems from all areas into one single function. Comments are one of our oldest features and it needed a little bit of love. You may not notice much difference, but it is a major improvement from a development standpoint and will allow for improvements and features in the future.

Administrator Codewow 03/28/2021 06:13pm

Fixed a bug with image reordering when having duplicate order numbers.
I also added image deleting and uploading new images will no longer overwrite old images. Woo!

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