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Server Page Analytics In The Works

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As Gemini Servers grows I am continuously looking for ideas on where to go next. Major features and other improvements are always needed to keep growing. That is why a planned feature update will be coming sometime in the "near"* future. 

Server Page Analytics:

What are analytics? 
Analytics are pieces of information that a server owner could use to help them grow their server community.

For example, our analytics dashboard will show a server owner how many views their server has. How many clicks they have. Who has all voted for their server, as well as how many times. Plus other information that may be useful.

The difference between views and clicks. Clicks would be registered when a user clicks a list item from another page on the Gemini Servers website.
A view is registered when a user visits the page directly. (Via social media links, url shorteners, links from within a server itself, etc)

*Server analytics is an upcoming feature for server owners to utilize to help grow their servers. A launch date is not set and delays can be expected. Other features have higher priority, but that doesn't mean it won't release before another feature.
I will keep everyone updated as to progress. I would like to hear what everyone wants to see in the future. A better list of ideas allows me to get them all packed into release instead of trickling updates out slowly.

Anyways, stay safe, stay healthly, play minecraft!

Gemini Servers Administrator

Codewow 04/10/2020 03:26am

As of right now. Two analytic events are being tracked. Server views and server clicks. A click tracks when a user gets to your server page through the site. A view is tracked when a user gets to your page directly via link.

Codewow 04/17/2020 01:50am

It appears server “clicks” are not displaying properly in the server dashboard. Investigating...

Codewow 04/17/2020 09:17am

We have corrected the issue of click counts only reflecting the current days clicks.

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