What's New? 7/24/2020

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A lot has happened in the last few weeks! Here's what's new and what is to come!

First off, BungeeCord and Waterfall (a bungeecord fork) should now be able to be added to the server list without assistance from Gemini Admininstrators. Which is great news as this makes it that much easier to get your server network listed and reduces the workload for us as well!

We have also implemented expanded server checks while attempting to add servers. We noticed a few individuals adding their servers multiple times under slightly different names. This should no longer be possible.

Speaking of servers, we have now implemented offline server notifications! If your server appears offline for any reason and your email preferences are enabled you will receive an email notification. If your email preferences are disabled. You will only receive a notification on your Gemini Servers account.

As a growing site, we continue to look forward at what we want to add to best benefit the community we have. With your valuable feedback we make these decisions. Here are some of the new additions we made. (Some of which were suggesed through our discord server!):

New features!:

  • Servers added with the default 25565 (Java port) will no longer have the port attached to their ip on their server page. (A much cleaner look and unessesary for java servers!)

  • Servers can now manually enter a server version or even a server range! (through their server settings, after it has been verified and added to the list)

  • Added a secondary IP for votifier. Some servers utilize a different IP for votes, so this is useful to them.

  • A minor, but much needed addition, is comment timestamps! (Speaks for itself)

  • Added offline server notification and notification emails.

  • Added an automated check for offline servers. (Basically checks to see if the server is still offline or not)

  • Added a "load more" functionality similar to endless scrolling on websites like Facebook or Twitter. Instead of just scrolling, you must click the button. (Functionality may be changed to scrolling pending community feedback)

  • Avatars can now be slightly larger than before! (200kb, up from 90kb!)

  • Added a votifier test button. (You can easily spam this, so be careful!)

  • And probably more that I don't remember!

While we worked on new features we also squashed some bugs along the way:


Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug causing bungeecord/waterfall servers to display online players out of a max of 0 players (532/0) 

  • Fixed a bug where refreshing the page after adding a server caused another server to be added.

  • Fixed an issue that caused spaces in server names to return a 404 Error when visiting the page through an external link.

  • Fixed a security issue in our internal messaging system.

  • Fixed a bug in the server verification process that made it impossible to verify a server.

  • Fixed links being broken in server descriptions (You'll need to fix them manually.

What's next?

We are always trying to progress and do things we find useful. With your help we can achieve that quicker. Our Trello(Roadmap) documents what we still have to do to get to a point where we are happy with the site. This roadmap expands and contracts all the time based on what we get done and what we think of next.

Here are a few things we want to get done in the near future:


  1. Assets (New logo and more icons) 

    -- Our logo was created a very long time ago and not professionally. Clearly. We want to make it more professional to better reflect our services.

  2. Server Analytics and Dashboard updates. 

    Our first version of the analytics dashboard is already up. We plan on expanding this dashboard to be used for nearly every aspect of your server. Editing, Applications, Events, and more.

  3. 2FA (Two-factor authentication support) Security is critical and we understand the necessity of this feature. We must implement it soon.

  4. Server Embeds (Basically what is used on forums to display a server banner, player count, and other bits of information. Also useful to list on server websites.

  5. Application System rework

    The application system is currently in a very infant state and could be way more useful and automated! (You'll see)

  6. Events System

    We haven't discussed the event system much, if at all. It's meant as a way to better draw interest in a server on the list. For example: A server can add an event, select how long it will run, add information about the event, and all the stuff required, etc. Then when the event starts, it will be listed on the server page prominently. It will also display on your list item in the server list. Making your server more interesting to potential players. These events can be anything from small server parties, to full blown holiday events. The choice is yours.

  7. Admin/Mod dashboard updates

I will have more updates as things become more clear. Until then, I appreciate any and all feedback! So please do let me know what you want to see and what you don't like! It helps shape the way for improvements.

See you soon,



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