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Where Are All The Updates?

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I apologize for the radio silence when it comes to updates via our site's news page. I posted this announcement over on our social media, but never got around to it here.

For those wondering where the updates are, I have some temporary bad news. I am taking a few college courses right now and I have no time to really work on the site while doing so. As I said in the social media posts, my goal is to work on the moderator functionality so I may bring on some external help to provide support and moderation on the site while I am away.

The unfortunate reality of taking these courses is that I really don't have time to do much work on the site. I have virtually no free time as I work a full-time job and try to complete my school work. Which means updates will be staggered a lot more than usual. 

That doesn't mean you shouldn't report bugs to me though! If I see a bug pop up, I will make it a priority to fix when I can!

For now, however, I must focus the majority of my energy on completing my courses. Thank you for understanding. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below! I read them all!




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