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Oceans Abound

Oceans Abound

Version: 1.18.1

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United States


Java Edition (PC)

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All Ages



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Looking for a small and simple survival server? This might be the one for you!

Formerly known as PhoenixCraft, we are a community of staff and players who have kept together since

2013. Now known as Oceans Abound, we are looking forward to growing the community and meeting new

players. We have kept the same idea as before, to have a simple and friendly survival server and not deviate

too far from the vanilla experience. We do however have a few minor additions to make life a little easier like

setting homes, teleporting to other players and being able to pick up spawners if you mine them with a

silk-touch pick.

So feel free to join us, chat with us, and most importantly: don\'t get discouraged if no one is on. People

staying together is the ground for building an active community!


Oceans Abound Staff 
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