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Version: 1.15.2
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Welcome to Original Respawn CASINO / PARKOUR / CRATES / MAZE / ARENA Anti-hacking/Cheat plugins! Anti Lagg / AFK FARMING ALLOWED  Dynmap on discord! Craftable capture eggs!? like a pokeball Auction house and player/admin shops! you can progress ranks from voting, and earn vote keys! we have the original Mcmmo! you can crawl 1x1 "x2 tap or Hold to crawl" Claiming - "Golden Shovel" LockettePro - "protect from friends and foe" Cashbags as /bal so you can loot from PVP you can store safely in your chests! Mob hunting, Mobs drop cash and has a minor rework!  Player Particles and LOTS OF COMMANDS for our trusted Elite players! Will you strive to become a Templar?   WEBSITE :
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United States of America
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Java Edition (PC)
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Server Owner: savagewarlock

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