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Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.16.4
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Hi there, and welcome to UnitedWeCraft!

UnitedWeCraft was originally a 1.12 factions server about 3-4 years ago. A few years later, we can safely say that we are back and better than ever before, featuring 1.16.4 survival!

When joining the server for the first time, you are immediately greeted with an optional tutorial on all the main features of UWC. After selecting public survival, you are greeted to a fresh 1.16 map. The overworld has a 35k border, the nether has a 15k border, and the end has a 10k border. Each of these will be expanded with each new major minecraft update; we want to avoid any and all resets to preserve the history of the map.

Some of the additional features we offer include:

- Supporting Bedrock and Java Edition Clients! (GeyserMC)

- Scheduled Boss Battles

- Thunderstorm Chests

- Grief Protection

- Network-wide Parties

- mcMMO

- Protected, Purchasable Plots

- Auctions

- Bounties

- Anti-P2W

And so, so much more.


We hope you enjoy your stay at UnitedWeCraft!

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United States of America
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Java Edition (PC)
Applications: Open

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Server Owner: 3xpl0itz
Server Listed On: 11/20/20

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