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Allure Void Network

Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
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Do you have a fun Minecraft server experience every day? No?  We recommend AVN, The fun server that everyone should have the opportunity to join and make some new friends!  Allure Void Network or AVN is a Minecraft server built for the Community.  With constant updates occurring every day and exceeding countless boundaries, this is what makes AVN like no other Minecraft server.  AVN has many game modes, Coded with precision making the players experience number 1.

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United States of America
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Java Edition (PC)
Applications: Open

This server has no requirements before joining.

Total Applications: (0)
Age Group Suggested:
All Ages
Server Owner: SnowECSee
Server Listed On: 10/28/20
Offline Since:2/21/21

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How can there be no reviews yet? This is an outrage! You should write a review about this server! Show some humanity.

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