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A new Minecraft Server run by long time Minecraft players. BadgerCraft is a simple server with no complicated plugins or features, just a lightly enhanced Minecraft experience.


IP - Play.BadgerCraft.Online


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  • \r\n
  • Survival, Creative and PvP worlds all accessible from a centralised hub world.\r\n
  • Claim land via an easy to use in-game system\r\n
  • Fun mini quests in the hub world to earn novel cosmetics.\r\n
  • Seasonal events.\r\n
  • Quality of life improvements such as treecapitator, /tpa, /home, /back\r\n
  • Random Survival and PvP teleports so you're never put near other players if you don't want to be.\r\n
  • Be featured in online progress and event videos.\r\n
  • Survival world features the keep inventory game rule.\r\n
  • A friendly Discord community.\r\n


  • \r\n
  • DO Respect other players, staff and yourself.\r\n
  • DO Keep discussion & actions friendly, respectful, and civil.\r\n
  • DO NOT grief builds or landscapes in the Survival or Creative worlds. Griefing is encouraged in the PvP World.\r\n
  • DO NOT beg for items, cosmetics or equipment.\r\n
  • DO NOT use any external mods/tools to hack or cheat.\r\n
  • DO NOT ask to be promoted/opped.\r\n
  • DO Report all bugs/glitches/errors in the Discord channel.\r\n
  • DO keep a healthy, balanced diet.\r\n
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United Kingdom
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Java Edition (PC)
Applications: Open

This server has no requirements before joining.

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All Ages
Server Owner: BadgerCraft

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