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Hidden Sanctuary SMP

Version: Paper 1.16.3
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Hidden Sanctuary is 1.16.3 SMP like you have never experienced it before. By staying true to the nature of the game, but adding and subtracting many rules we aim to create something unique.

To give a few shortened examples of what makes Hidden Sanctuary unique:

overhauled most monsters to be interesting, fixed all unbalanced

droprates in vanilla (nautilus shells, lily pads, gunpowder, etc).

Made all ''useless'' vanilla drops very useful. For example 8 rotten flesh

and a blank runestone (custom item made from 9 stone) makes you a

''Spawnstone'' which can bring you back to spawn (where all the NPC's

are and some server activities, this is to make sure the community has

good incentive to come together at the same spot^^).

This really is only the tip of the iceberg, Hidden Sanctuary has so much to offer that it

is a shame to waste so many words on it. It is build and being build to be played! :)

Something else we thrive for is to implement all the commands you would usually find on minecraft servers, in custom items.

We believe typing commands breaks the immersion of the game.

BONUS: Our MobArena:

Delve into the most immersive community driven experience. Gameplay can be put to words, but it is better to experience it first hand. Trying us out is free of charge, and we will provide you a warm welcome!

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