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JezzCraft Survival Server

Version: Paper 1.16.2
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Free /fly permantly 

Hi Guys welcome to my Server it is a Survival Non PVP server not much rules really just the basics and common sence 

i have also added some extra commands for free because i dislike how servers make you pay up to $30 for /fly

some commands are

/fly/hat/tpa /kit

we also have a basic kit and a /Dtools kit for free, i will be adding ranks for purchase in the future

but not in a rush to charge peopleif you ever have a problem or any questions 

please dont hesitate to askOwner: JezzBraslin

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1 Player
Java Edition (PC)
Applications: Open

This server has no requirements before joining.

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Age Group Suggested:
All Ages
Server Owner: JezzBraslin

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No reviews!?!

How can there be no reviews yet? This is an outrage! You should write a review about this server! Show some humanity.

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