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Nistirio MC - Survival

Version: Paper 1.16.1
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Nistirio MC

Hello there

Nistirio MC is a public survival server aiming to provide a vanilla-like experience.
We are using Towny (no upkeep cost) as our land claim plugin.

Our economy is based on gold ingots which can be exchanged for currency.
The server is going to be longterm. We have a 100% uptime and no lag.

Want to learn more? Come and visit. :-)

IP: mc.nistirio.com
Website: http://www.nistirio.com/
Dynmap: http://dynmap.nistirio.com/
Discord: http://discord.gg/ZUyawFp

Server Status:
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Server Type:
Land Claim
Java Edition (PC)
Age Group Suggested:
All Ages
Server Owner: Nistirio
Server Listed On: 5/11/20
Offline Since:6/1/21

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No reviews!?!

How can there be no reviews yet? This is an outrage! You should write a review about this server! Show some humanity.

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