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PixelFish Club

Version: Paper 1.16.1
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An Enhanced Vanilla Experience


Minimal plugins are employed to create more engaging gameplay and to allow a natural evolution of the game world environment that is completely controlled by the players.


Player Shops:


Buy villager eggs to create your own player shops. You can rent out space at spawn or start your own settlement out past the badlands. Either way, you can rake in those emeralds and strike it rich if you play your cards right and corner the market.


Land Claims:


At the start or the game you get a 10x10 (100 block) claim by placing down a chest. After that you gain 100 blocks per hour of gameplay up to a maximum of 2000 blocks. Additionally, some world regions can be bought that come with "extra perks."


Item Based Economy:


The player economy rotates around the Emerald. Exchanges are located throughout the world that allow you to convert your emeralds to other precious metals or deposit them to free up chest space.


Simple Banking System:


There is a one to one relationship between Emeralds and the in-game currency. Most exchanges are accompanied by an ATM for withdrawing and depositing Emeralds and Emerald Blocks.


A Mature Environment - Not for young Children


The rules are simple. Unlike other servers, we pride ourselves on offering a mature gameplay experience that isn't overly restrictive. Our members have a tendency to tell off-humor jokes and use profanity in creative ways. There are, however, a few rules you will be expected to abide by if you want to keep from getting kicked which can be found on our website.

Server Status:
Online: 0/30
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Server Type:
Java Edition (PC)
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Server Owner: PixelFishMC
Server Listed On: 5/16/20

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