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SwordCraft The Second

Version: Spigot 1.14.4
Votes: 0
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Welcome to SwordCraft, a Minecraft Survival server. We are currently looking for many new members to join our growing community! We are a friendly bunch of people and are currently a fairly small community looking to grow. Please join our discord to be whitelisted. Please come and join our community! We have 2 separate servers that you may choose to play on! You may join our discord here:

▬ ✦ Server Rules ✦ ▬
[​1] ›› Harassment Is Not Acceptable Here.
Do Not Harass Anyone at all
If you do you will be removed

Types of Harassment
∞ Bullying other Member or Staff members,
∞ Threating other Members or Staff members,
∞ Carrying/Planning out Internet Attacks (DDOX’ing, DDOS’ing, etc.),
∞ Planning/Encouraging/Carrying out Discord Raids of any kind.

[​2] ›› Please Don’t Spam
If you do spam you will be warned 3 times then Muted for 1 hour

Types of Spamming
∞ Excessive Character spam,
∞ Text/Emoji Wall spam,
∞ Spamming Users through Private Messages,
∞ Image/Photo or Large ASCII Art spam.

[​3] ››Nothing Inappropriate
∞ Keep swearing to a minimum
∞ Inappropriate Images

[​4] ›› Don't Be Rude.
∞ No racism
∞ Sexism
∞ Homophobia
∞ Other forms of discrimination are also not allowed
[​5] ›› No Griefing!
∞ No placing any forms of traps intended to kill other players.
∞ No breaking any blocks that have been claimed by other players
∞ No placing blocks in areas claimed by other players
∞ Absolutely no use of TNT to destroy other players builds.

[​6] ›› No Cheating!
∞ No use of anything that modifies the client to allow Xraying, flying, etc.
∞ No duplicating items or using any other form of game exploit or cheat. (AFK fish farms are fine)
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Java Edition (PC)
Applications: Open

This server has no requirements before joining.

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How can there be no reviews yet? This is an outrage! You should write a review about this server! Show some humanity.

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