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Version: 1.16.3
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VYBN provides a good Minecraft experience, very close to vanilla survival. No mods, just some data packs, so you don't have to deal with server crashes or buggy features. Everyone is encouraged to vibe in the way that suits them best, whether that be by building, adventuring, or just tinkering as you please.



We've designated some community areas in a safe Mushroom Island biome as a shopping district/gathering place. Otherwise, there are very little rules to where/what/how you play. Difficulty is set to Hard.





A custom Discord integration is in use to allow communication in-game without the need for server mods.





We don't allow hacked clients, xray texture packs, or any mod that provides a material advantage over other players. However, we do encourage the use of utility mods such as MiniHUD, Litematica, and Optifine.





For full rules and joining info, see our Discord:



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United States of America
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Java Edition (PC)
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Server Owner: horneraa

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