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Gemini Update 2-16-2020

Posted on:

A few people reported some issues over the last 48 hours and I wanted to get them fixed for everyone. There were also some issues I fixed that I discovered as well.

+Fixed uploading avatars
-- Uploading avatars should now work again. I fixed it once, but it broke minutes later. I'm hoping the latest fix lasts. If you still have issues, please contact me.
+Added server type display to server pages.
-- I'm not sure how I forgot to have this, but it's there now!
+Fixed some text overflowing on the server list items
-- If text still overflows, refresh your browser cache. (Typically shift+f5)
+Added more server types when adding, editing servers, and to the list filter options.
-- If you see a missing server type, let us know!

Upcoming feature: Core Protect Log viewer.

This feature will allow you to view coreprotect logs from your browser. It's current in development and doesn't quite work on the site just yet. 

If you find any more issues, please contact us!

Thanks for being here,

Gemini Servers Administrator


I didn’t have time tonight, but I will be fixing server pages displaying broken videos when no video was supplied by the server owner.


Also looks like server address text boxes aren’t hidden on mobile devices. That will be fixed tomorrow as well.

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