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Version: Paper 1.16.1
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Ore-mageddon, is a semi-vanilla hard survival Minecraft experience with a selection of subtle plugins and gameplay tweaks to improve quality of play, such as;

Afraid of the dark? Only 1 player needs to sleep to make the sun rise.

A live dynamic map of the Ore-mageddon, just like Google Earth you can see your builds and track where you are.
Players can opt out and in of showing their location with a simple command in game.

Players can mine and pickup mob spawners found throughout the world with an enchanted silk touch pickaxe.

Chat Range
Chat has a range of 250 blocks.
Start your message with a ! at the start of your message to shout to everyone online or ? to ask a question.

Pick up arrows shot at you and return them to sender!

Stats are all tracked and displayable such as; Rating, Wins, Kills, Losses, Deaths, Streak, MaxStreak, KDRatio, WLRatio, MaxRating
This also adds a selection of custom death and combat victory messages.

Want a trophy of your victories to decorate your fireplace with? Or even lord over your rivals?
Now you can with their own head, all player kills will drop a head that you can pickup, place and even wear.

A simple change to fire behaviour, blocks can and will catch fire from the usual sources but the fire will not spread.
You can also set fire to wooden logs to get charcoal without the use of a furnace.

Various anticheat & moderation tools
Helping to provide a lag free, pleasant and fair experience for players without getting in the way.

Combined with our quick and easy whitelist, active and involved staff, Ore-mageddon is fun for all.

Alot of effort has gone into building the Ore-mageddon for everyone and as such we are not, and will never will be a pay-2-win community.

Come join and help build our community.
Please come join our discord at:

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United Kingdom
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Java Edition (PC)
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Server Owner: Scimfaxi

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